Dancing Stars

This awesome experience will keep you staring at the screen, you won't want to stop...

4.12 stars on Android Market

Dancing StarsAndroid Market4.12

Awesome I love this app! :))

A Google User

So pretty! I love it.

A Google User

Enjoy this hypnotizer live wallpaper. “Dancing Stars” will immerse you in an awesome experience that will keep you staring at the screen.

“Dancing Stars” is fully configurable and allows you to:

  • Choose among 6 different particles.
  • Change the number of particles.
  • Change the rotation speed of the particles.
  • Change the the particles’ falling speed.
  • Choose the particles size, which ranges from “invisible” to “insane!”.
  • Performance tuning: from low frame rates to save battery to unlimited frame rates to get the more pleasant experience.
  • Particle’s twinkling: you can disable this to get extra performance in exchange of visual pleasure.